Thursday, July 16, 2009

Driving, again.

Drove back home with Bunny. Driving down seems to go a lot faster than driving up, though a lot of it probably is due to the fact that Bunny was in the car with me today. We started off leisurely, and after a stop in Gilroy picked up speed and got home in plenty of time. Tonight we watched "Frost/Nixon" about the interview of Nixon after he resigned. It was a fascinating film, presented as more of a documentary about the making of the interview, and all of the work that went into securing and actually doing the interview. We really liked it, the film is kind of a sequel of sorts to "All the President's Men" since it chronologically follows after, and is riveting throughout. No special picture tonight, but this is an awesome sight Bunny, Joe and I saw at the Golden Gate Bridge a few weeks ago.

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