Monday, July 20, 2009

I copied Josef Albers...and Bunny helped!

After seeing his paintings at LACMA, I decided I wanted some colored squares ala Josef Albers for my wall (provided I find a proper space for them now that they're completed). While watching the 1981 film "My Dinner with Andre" this afternoon, I spontaneously decided to go buy some canvases with Bunny and that we would paint colored squares on them. The result are these two, I painted the purple one and Bunny painted the green and blue one. We worked together to pick out color combinations that worked well (I made sure her color theory class wasn't wasted when I grabbed paint vials) and then I drew squares out in pretty much a random order. So now I have these Bunny/Johnny collaborative paintings, but we can't decide on a spot to hang them on the wall at the moment...but it was fun that we did them together.

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  1. I like Josef Albers. I like Elsworth Kelly more though. A bunch of people used Albers in my Graphic Design class, because they all knew the teacher was a fan of Bauhaus, etc. but I chose Kelly, because I loved the way he worked with colors and hard edge to create the seamless effects with his paintings. Did you see the Red/Blue, Blue/White, and Green Kelly paintings at LACMA? Where they still there? NO brush strokes!!! and the custom canvas of the Green one is totally awesome! My favourite one was the white/blue though, because it reminded me of water, and the colors were calming. Plus the perfect curve was impressive.