Sunday, July 5, 2009

Just thinking

I had an opportunity to do a bit of studying this afternoon which I, for the most part, enjoyed - reviewing fundamental material made me appreciate some of the things I take for granted most in the world of mathematics. The rest of the day was spent moving boxes around and taking them to storage for safe keeping - and trying to clear out clutter when possible. I stumbled across a gallery of Banksy artwork this morning - he's first and foremost a graffiti artist, but specializes in what could be best described (and not by me, but Bunny) as a modern conceptual artist. My take on his work is that his subversive and outspoken artwork is heavily ephemeral as graffiti, and the images he chooses to modify are typically involve a modern political message merged into an iconic visual - wherein he makes the statement that these iconic images are not themselves being lost, but are now at the same level as contemporary icons (be it political or consumer based or whatever else he chooses) and that as graffiti - these new icons should be scrubbed clean and fade with time, while the original visual (the Mona Lisa for example) will remain throughout history. I also watched a documentary about the TED conference which is held every year in Monterey, California. During the conference 1000 invitees gather to hear a series of 18 minute speeches by influential and progressive thinkers on topics from social justice, education, philosophy, art, music, technology, etc. TED stands for Technology, Education, Design - and it's been around for a long time, but recently began putting all of the videos from the conference online for everyone to see - I love them, but you can find one of my favorites here . My mind takes off during these mini lectures, and I'm left with a sense of responsibility to contribute to this movement of reaching out to do something incredible - I just am not sure what it is that I'm going to do yet. Someday I hope I'll have a chance to write about that future experience - maybe I'll even get to go to TED :)

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  1. AnonymousJuly 07, 2009

    I like the story alot man. Kyle M.