Thursday, July 9, 2009

Make it So, Engage

In what most certainly solidifies my geekery and Trekkie status - I FINALLY got my Diamond Select Enterprise-D tonight. The store "Things from Another World" on Citywalk (Universal Studios) had one in stock, and instead of ordering and waiting for it (like I've been doing since last year), I went and picked it up. Bunny wanted to give this to me for Valentine's day, and it's made me sad that we had to wait this long for it to be available, but I'm so happy that I have it now, and so thankful that Bunny bought it for me. It's HUGE! At 17" long, with lights, sound, and a separating saucer (I'll show that tomorrow), I'm ecstatic. I like having just the lights on - very calming with the blue nacelles.

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