Saturday, July 25, 2009

Stuck In a Moment

Today I drove Bunny back to San Francisco. Well, not quite San Francisco, Redwood City. We stayed over at the Sofitel San Francisco (a 4 star hotel) to get some rest from the drive and to prepare me for the long ride home alone. The last week has been absolutely wonderful. While Bunny was in SCV, it really felt as though we hadn't spent any time apart, despite the three week gap (I know, I know, three weeks isn't that long, but being so accustomed to spending every day with Bunny makes her absence feel that much greater). The drive tomorrow begins a month-long separation until my parents and I take Teenie to San Francisco for her move into the USF dorms - I'll have three lovely days in the city at the very end of summer (so the weather should be gorgeous). I'm already looking forward to those days as this one comes to a close (but not at the expense of the moments at hand of course). Having Bunny stay with me has made moving so much easier, and I'm very thankful for the opportunity to share this time with her.

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