Friday, July 10, 2009

This room, it is a changin'

It's not quite perfect yet - I still need to get a smaller desk, hang the second shelf, and move my bookcase about 4 inches closer to the door - but my room is really shaping up into a much more "me" feeling space. In the bottom left corner of the picture you can see that my Enterprise has migrated onto my desk - I like seeing it out of the corner of my eye for now. I'd have better pictures of its lights - but the batteries died this morning and I haven't had a chance to replace them. Speaking of this morning - my car's weather stripping is basically falling off, the rubber seam between the door and the cabin that keeps wind noise out of the interior was never sealed properly - so I brought it in for service this morning. The only thing I asked them to fix was the one thing they didn't fix. Instead, they replaced a water pump and a drive belt (the drive belt without my permission) and then told me the weather stripping was going to be ordered. All of this took 8 hours so I had no car today. Needless to say I'm less than impressed with Frontier Toyota. On top of all of that, the weather stripping isn't even covered by the car's warranty! At least my room looks great. Don't forget to get your free Slurpee from 7-11 tomorrow!

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