Thursday, August 6, 2009

Ancient Hardware Reviews Pt 2

Tonight's review is of my first "real" digital camera - my Sony CyberShot DSC-M1 (prior to this camera I had two other no-name terrible digital cameras that are barely worth mentioning...they didn't even have a flash). I got this camera in 2005 shortly after my high school graduation, selecting it for several reasons: First, I loved the form factor - the upright positioning of the lens made holding the camera extremely comfortable, and also made it ideal for shooting video (which it still performs excellently). Second, it was promoted as both a camera and a camcorder, with dedicated buttons labeled "Photo" and "Video" on the reverse, it was fully featured as a dual purpose machine. Unlike the Mylo, the DSC-M1 performed each of its functions very well. As a camera, I took the photos seen on this blog while in Nicaragua and Costa Rica in 2006. While the 3x zoom was fairly limited, I found the camera to excel at macro photography. The movie mode was great too, because in 2005 640x480 video was pretty difficult even for a camcorder to handle. This camera brought me into the world of photography, and while I couldn't bring myself to choose a Sony camera for my current needs, when I do ultimately choose a DSLR, Sony's Alpha line is definitely on my watch list. The optics of the DSC-M1 are made by Carl Zeiss, and I never had a problem getting a focused image. While the options of the camera were limited compared to any pro-sumer level camera, I never missed a shot with its fast start-up time, and quickly charged flash. Unfortunately, the real death of this camera came when the flash bulb blew out and the cost of repairs were high enough to warrant a new camera choice. Nonetheless, for 4 summers in a row this camera was by my side everywhere I went, and has produced countless memories for me. On a side note; today I got a haircut, a picture can be seen here; also, the Dodgers won against the Braves at the bottom of the 9th 5-4.

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