Saturday, August 8, 2009

Ancient Hardware Reviews Pt 4

Tonight's review brings us to my first bluetooth-enabled cell phone; the Sony Ericsson T68m. Released back in 2002, this gem of a phone had two of the most modern features of the time: a color screen (capable of 4096 different colors!) and a bluetooth wireless communications chip. Truth be told, when I first became aware of the phone, I didn't have any idea what bluetooth was, I just knew I wanted it (and color phones were pretty!). The design aesthetic is wonderful, and the two tone silver/blue-gray still remains classic in my mind. When I think of cell phones, this is what springs to my mind. My first cell phone was a T61z, a lower-end phone with similar design cues from the T68m. I actually didn't get to own this phone until 2005 when it replaced a much larger Nokia smart-phone I had been using (I wish I still had that to review). Nonetheless, as a 7 year old piece of second hand hardware, (having bought it used on Ebay) the phone still works flawlessly and is still beautiful in my eyes. To be quite honest, there's not much to review - call quality was always fantastic and the volume was loud enough for anyone who ever used it (a rare commodity that seems to be overlooked by EVERY cellphone maker today, including Apple). Battery life is still phenomenal - I haven't turned this phone on for almost 8 months and it still has more than 50% charge left on it - when standby for a device is in the hundreds of days like this one, you know someone did something right. Beyond that the phone is fairly limited - text messaging and some little games are all that it does. But anytime I've ever needed a backup phone, this has been my go-to. After owning 16 different phones since 2002 (I will not name them for the sake of saving space), I count the T68m as one of my top 3 (my other two would be my iPhone and my K850i, the phone that started this blog, and also the two most recent phones I've owned).

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  1. As long as you're reviewing "ancient technology," how about a review of an old red Corvette?