Sunday, August 9, 2009

Ancient Hardware Reviews Pt 5

Just after my 14th birthday, Nintendo released its successor to the world-famous Gameboy with the Gameboy Advance. In 2001, this was the latest and greatest in hand-held gaming technology, with a full color screen and top-notch sound effects. The games that I ended up playing on it the most were Pokemon and a Zelda game made for the original Gameboy, but it was always fun to have a Gameboy when we went on family trips. Unfortunately, the biggest problem of the Gameboy advance was that there is no backlight (or frontlight) meaning that the screen doesn't light up like cell phone screens do. This lack of light made it nearly impossible to see the screen, even in decent indoor lighting conditions (the flash from the camera makes the screen look really nice, but just sitting at the desk I have to tilt it to find an angle where I can see without glare). I played my Gameboy for years before I got tired of it, so obviously I didn't mind too much when I was little. Today Teenie and I rode around for a few hours to find a nice case/shoulder bag for her new MacBook - She ended up with a really nice bag made by Ogio with a TON of pockets for every conceivable thing she might want to carry in it. I also forgot to mention that yesterday I stayed with her at Dave's tire shop so that I can cover for her on Tuesday - It was a really busy day and we had to go to one tire supplier a half-dozen times in rapid succession. I'll be fine taking over for her on Tuesday. Eman and I also installed my old iPod stereo adapter in his car in the evening. We used one of the little storage boxes in his center console to make the installation look like it was from the factory. I'm jealous of how nicely his setup turned out, but I'm glad that he can enjoy his music in the car like I can, and it gave me some ideas for my own car once I get it back from the body shop.

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