Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Ancient Hardware Reviews Pt I

Today begins part one of a trend I'll continue until I'm bored and don't feel like it anymore. I'm going to review some of my favorite old electronic toys from years past (expect most of them to be Sony products). Tonight's gizmo: the Sony Mylo com-1 The Mylo has a huge feature list that drew me to it pretty much instantly; a 2.7" full color LCD, 1GB built in memory, 802.11b wireless internet, a full QWERTY keyboard, multimedia player, internet browser, and instant messenger. On paper this seems like a perfect device - it does so much! The reality is that it falls short in just about every area. First off, the keyboard is almost impossible to use for a decent length of time - the keys are super stiff and hurt my thumbs after typing for a few minutes. The next problem is the wireless connection - 802.11b is one of the most interference prone wireless bands ever - even our home telephones mess with it. Due to this, having a sustainable internet connection was unlikely at best. The media player? Well, it was actually pretty good, but the hardware has this ridiculous little rocker switch on the bottom that was notorious for pushing me to the next track when it was in my pocket - the hold button was annoying since I then couldn't change the volume either. Browsing the internet and messaging was pretty sub-par as well - the browser was really limited in nature and the messenger didn't support AIM - the only one I ever used until iChat. When everyone you know is on one messenger type, getting anyone to switch is pointless. I've heard that the Mylo 2 was better - it had a touchscreen, camera, bluetooth, and 802.11g (a better wireless connection) and AIM, but I think the flaw this the Mylo devices is that they could have been great - if they were cell phones. In the case of an all-in-one device, the main competitor of the Mylo was the iPhone, T-Mobile Sidekick, and on the non-cell phone front, the far more featured Nokia N800 internet tablet. The Mylo isn't a perfect device on any level - but it was a fun toy for a while, and it still looks really interesting overall. It's completely overridden by my iPhone now though.

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