Sunday, August 16, 2009

Dinosaurs are Funny

Went to church with dad this morning. There was this little kid wandering around the people making noise (not quite sure what was wrong with him, some kind of attention disorder I believe). He was holding a toy T-Rex as he was weaving around the people standing in the back of the church. Every once and a while his family would try wrapping their arms around him to get him to stand still, but he would inevitably break free of their grasp (he was a rather large child, despite being roughly 8 years old). As he continued to wander, he was making animalistic noises which were amusing by themselves, but as he passed in front of me and uttered "uhhhhhhhhhh DINOSAUR" I couldn't help but start chuckling uncontrollably. Yes I felt bad I was laughing at the kid in church, but I'd never heard anyone do anything like that in real life. Tonight I went with Emmanuel to see an improvisational comedy troupe perform at The Met theater in Los Angeles. One of the members is a former TV personality from the late, great, Tech TV network, and currently is a show host with Revision 3, a company started by Kevin Rose, who I admire in the technology/internet community. We had a good time, but it would have been nice to have some meet-and-greet opportunity after the show (there weren't even 20 people in the audience). Maybe next time?