Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I'm actually posting this on Thursday Morning (Shh!)

It's Wednesday, which means that tomorrow we're going to San Francisco! Among other news; I failed to mention that I finished converting all 178 episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation into an iTunes-friendly format, also, that my car will be all repaired by the end of this week and I can pick it up on Monday (tune in then for the before/after pictures). Yesterday my mom & I went to see "Julie and Julia" (or is it "Julia and Julie"?) - the movie about the simultaneous biography of Julia Child and Julie, a girl who in 2002 decided to blog about her experiences cooking Julia Child's "The Art of French Cooking" in its entirety. I liked the movie well enough, particularly enjoying that it shows what can motivate something as odd as a blog, which is, after all, basically a glorified public diary. Where her purpose was cooking, I drew many parallels to my own blog, which has seen its own ups and downs over the last year (speaking of which, the 1 year anniversary of this blog is coming up on September 3rd!). A particular quality mirrored in Julie was that at one time or another, we both gave into the surreal pressure that we had to finish a post - she had to finish a recipe, and I had to take a photo some nights. Her story is obviously dramatized, and I always found something to photograph (or a photograph to post at least), so ultimately we are different (though I wish I was the 3rd most popular blog on the internet). The picture you see tonight is of the iPhone docking station I built last week out of LEGO. It's holding up surprisingly well, but I have to affix the cable a little better I think (it wobbles).

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