Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Mighty Phoenix

USF's now mosaic-backed Phoenix on the University Center. This morning was actually really interesting. After meeting up with Bunny's father and saying our goodbyes (for the next two weeks at least), I caught up with Teenie and my parents at the USF brunch thing on campus. Apparently, moments before I arrived, my parents had been speaking to the Vice President of ITS (where I used to work), and shortly after I arrived, we were speaking with Father Privett, the President of the University! Important people to know, obviously, I was very happy to have met Fr. Privett after my 4 years of study at USF. After we left USF, we packed up the cars with a ton of boxes (and my recliner!) to take back home. My mom and I drove together, and had a really nice ride down talking about all sorts of things. It was nice to spend the time together, since everyday life keeps all of us so busy. Tomorrow 2 important things happen; 1) I get my car back! 2) I start classes (meh).