Thursday, August 20, 2009

Off to the Bay

We headed out to bring Teenie up to San Francisco so she could start college! It was a pretty stressful morning since she wasn't all packed up until the very last minute (she actually forgot some things, but thankfully my parents left about 40 minutes after we did so that they could bring them). I drove the Jeep up, and Teenie and I had a really pleasant ride up to the Bay. When we got to the hotel before my parents, we got to have some mini pizzas for dinner (the hotel serves food Mon-Thurs for its guests) and then went to go meet up with Bunny and Teenie's friend Lauren. Bunny and I watched "Quiz Show" about the 1950's TV game show "Twenty-One", and its fraudulent dealings. I thought the movie was fascinating and really captured the fact that when we watch just about anything on TV, we have to take with it the grain of salts that come with any form of entertainment. Face value is not applicable to TV. Also, how do you like my haircut? (it's filled in to a normal length now)