Saturday, August 22, 2009

This is SF Food Court Quality

I don't want to step on Teenie's toes so I won't post the pictures I snapped of her making her bed in her new dorm room. Instead, this is what you get served in the fancy food court of San Francisco's downtown Westfield Mall. Gourmet fish and chips and a dungeness crab sandwich comprised Bunny and my lunches as we went shopping for a bit this afternoon. Tonight we're didn't go out to dinner, but instead opted to stay in with microwave popcorn, leftovers from lunch, and microwave pizza (and of course, a big piece of chocolate cake!) and watch "The Truth About Cats and Dogs" which was a terrifically silly funny movie about relationships and self-worth. I'm really not looking forward to the fact that I have to leave tomorrow; Bunny and I have been having a wonderful time together and I'll really miss her for the next two weeks until Labor Day weekend. But every moment really has been wonderful here and I'm so glad I got to come up.