Thursday, September 24, 2009

Change Happens

Not a little change - HUGE change. There is a difference in my classroom now that is so significant (in my opinion) that a person watching on Tuesday wouldn't have believed they were in the same class today. Adopting a method of teaching that was well received in my own college math courses led to a very successful class session today; subsequent tutoring also validated the effectiveness of this method (I'm really the only one who would be tutoring my own students, and that went well too). I rewarded myself with a Big Mac & a milkshake, and am getting these posts up super late as I watch the Woot!-Off. Unfortunately I do have some things to deal with regarding my car accident in July - but I don't want to detail that here. Overall, I had a fantastic and wonderful day. Also, please note that I fixed the photo from June 7, 2009, "One More Day in the Bay" because the contrast was horrible.

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