Friday, September 25, 2009

Finally Settled!

Finally! Joe, Eman, and I played three rounds of "Settlers of Catan" tonight (see bonus photo of our gameboard below!). What a great game! Despite Joe deciding to teach us how to play by teaming up with Eman to beat me (really really beat me), we had a really great time. Settlers reminds me a lot of playing "Landslide" with my dad and sisters when we were younger. The basic concept of the game is pretty simple - gather resources, build roads and settlements, trade to get what you need with other players; but the deeper layers: development cards, longest road, largest army, and the ever threatening thief token create an exciting and competitive atmosphere for the game. The games theoretically could be very quick (the box claims less than an hour) but we started around 9PM and didn't leave Eman's apartment until 3:30AM. Granted, we did take a break at midnight to get a tasty treat (see tomorrow's post for more details). Below: the gameboard and cards set up during our first game

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