Saturday, September 26, 2009


Chocolate Bacon Crunch Bar. Chocolate. and Bacon. for Dessert. Behind an unmarked door at 435 Fairfax Ave. in Los Angeles, CA exists a restaurant called Animal that serves this amazing dessert. The treat is actually quite approachable, despite the mention of a breakfast side dish in the title. The bottom layer is hazelnut-chocolate, the middle layer is peanut-butter-choclate with roasted peanuts, and the top layer is a pure chocolate ganache, the whole treat is topped with bacon bits and then it's lightly bruleed and served over a creme-anglaise sauce. Delicious is an understatement - the salty bacon flavors compliment the chocolates in a way that I could never have expected and everything holds together so well. Joe, Eman, Tania and I came to visit Animal at midnight (it's open until 2AM on the weekends) and we all left with our minds open to new taste perspectives. I hope we can get back someday and have some dinner there (a few of their options are a little weird...but a place that serves Canadian-classic cuisine Poutine can't be too bad).

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