Saturday, September 12, 2009

Saturdays with Joe

It's really fun driving all the way out to Azusa Pacific to pick up Joe for the day. Actually, I could barely type that without giggling - APU is in the most dead-end place I can think of - there's literally nothing in Azusa, which is 20 miles east or so of Pasadena. But I like seeing Joe and we had a nice time getting sushi for lunch, watching a terrible movie that I thought was funny when I was 12, and then messing around with my Mac for a while. We tried to find a copy of "Settlers of Catan" - a board game that I really need to get my hands on soon - but to no avail. Perhaps I'll find a copy in the coming weeks though. Driving him back to school was an adventure, I nearly got "banned from campus" for my little tiny car's engine being a little noisy - oh well. Just for fun - a really great picture of Twinkie (again).