Saturday, October 24, 2009

Mac Mini and Mini MacBook

What you see here is my Mac Mini displayed on my nice TV (the computer is off on the right hand side) and sitting in front of it is my brand new Mini MacBook! I spent the day installing Apple's OS X Snow Leopard on my MSI Wind and as of this writing have a fully functioning (including sound) Hackintosh as they're called. It's really snappy, faster than my Windows or Linux installations. Now I have some general tweaking to get it configured with all of my software and such, but I'm really happy that it all ended up working properly. Bonus pictures: Eman was cheering me on all afternoon.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

My Room - Revisited

If my camera weren't in my car right now I'd have a better photo - but this one will have to suffice until I take a better picture tomorrow (and my room is cleaner). I got my new desk today :) I love the shelves on the right and the glass desktop and everything about it (the positioning kind of blocks my I'll have to think about that). It was a PAIN to get that big monster out of here though - it took me well over an hour to figure out that I needed to move my bookcase - take my door AND Teenie's door of their hinges, and then basically push the big desk out into her room - where it was disassembled to get it downstairs. Lots and lots of work - but this is a nice piece of furniture (and I'll be taking it with me in the future!)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Where will you settle?

My classes were basically cancelled today, so Teenie and I went to the Olive Garden for lunch (soup, salad, and breadsticks!) and after seeing my newly jailbroken (read: hacked) iPhone, decided that we would jailbreak hers too. Tonight we played Settlers again, and my dad won both games...again. It's Teenie's last night here and tomorrow she'll get to go back to school - I wish I was going.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Apparently Jr. wasn't enough.

Evolution: First there was Carl's - a full menu restaurant with a salad bar and no less than 2 dozen entree choices with a full range of side courses. Next there was Carl's Jr. - a smaller restaurant featuring fast food with a salad bar, but limited to mostly hamburger combos and various fried side options. Finally, Carl's Jr. Jr. became known as the ultimate in fast food consolidation - featuring no indoor seating or salad bar - just the drive through. Located on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, Carl's Jr. Jr. is a testament to the evolution of fast-food dining.

Monday, October 12, 2009

The Lights of the City

A series of wild events led us to be on Hollywood Boulevard Saturday night - mostly related to us attempting to get to a Starbucks to try out the crazy drink concoctions we all made with the "My Starbucks" app for the iPhone. Basically the app allows you to see all of the ingredients that Starbucks has and save drink recipes (so that you actually know what to order when you go in!). My favorite ingredient? Raspberry syrup, which makes for delightful raspberry chocolate truffle espressos and raspberry hot chocolates. It took a while to reach a Starbucks that we could stop at on Saturday (and even then it was in a Vons so it was smaller than normal), but we got mostly the drinks we wanted (and some dinner too). I got A's on my quizzes in Visual Basic and C++ today and got out of class early, which was a really nice way to get my day started.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

This is a Murloc

During the meet-and-greet that always follows the improv shows, I got the entire cast to sign the stomach of the Murloc toy I won. Now the admittedly very odd creature is sitting on my shelf until I figure out what to do with him. I took Joe back to Azusa today and then we had a barbeque with Dave and Linda. The food's always great, but I just can't seem to eat as much of it as I could back in high school. Luckily there's always a bunch of leftovers to feed me through the week. We also played a couple of rounds of Settlers with my dad - who won both games.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

This is the part that looks dramatic

Saturday was a good day to spend time with Joe, Teenie, and Emmanuel - we headed out to LA to watch another improv show - where I was presented with a gift for winning a little contest they had on Twitter! They gave me a Murloc - which is a weird little frog-monster from the World of Warcraft game (a plush version that is). Here we see the final scene of a musical made up on the spot.