Monday, October 12, 2009

The Lights of the City

A series of wild events led us to be on Hollywood Boulevard Saturday night - mostly related to us attempting to get to a Starbucks to try out the crazy drink concoctions we all made with the "My Starbucks" app for the iPhone. Basically the app allows you to see all of the ingredients that Starbucks has and save drink recipes (so that you actually know what to order when you go in!). My favorite ingredient? Raspberry syrup, which makes for delightful raspberry chocolate truffle espressos and raspberry hot chocolates. It took a while to reach a Starbucks that we could stop at on Saturday (and even then it was in a Vons so it was smaller than normal), but we got mostly the drinks we wanted (and some dinner too). I got A's on my quizzes in Visual Basic and C++ today and got out of class early, which was a really nice way to get my day started.

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