Saturday, November 7, 2009

A Tale of the Ancients

My dad picked this up for me in Ephesus years ago - it's really tiny, about the size of a penny. I never knew exactly what it was, except that it came from the Byzantine Empire. Last night I was researching this and some of my other ancient coins that he brought back for me. Well, I finally figured this one out - it's from 610-613 AD and is the coin of Emperor Heraclius. The reason why the coin has to have been struck in the first three years of his reign is because afterwards the coins depict his newborn son as well. Is the coin real? Not 100% sure, but it looks way too much like the pictures I've found here for me to believe it is (notice that some of the coins have 3 steps and others have 4 - there is a difference). If it is real - the value varies wildly, but it is really an Antiques Roadshow kind of item to me.

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