Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Vault into the New Year

Hopefully the new year is finding everyone well; The past two weeks have been nice and busy and lovely as I spent lots of time with Bunny on our vacation together. I can barely believe that tomorrow is officially the start of work again - but I'm ready to get back to tutoring and teaching soon enough. Another gallery of pictures below - some of the best moments of the day-trips Bunny and I have been taking.

  Natural History Museum


  Playing With Play-Dough (Ox, Cat, Mouse, Turtle)

  More Play-Dough

  From Left; Bunny's, Mine, Teenie's Gingerbread Houses

  Sunset over Hollywood from the restaurant Yamashiro

  For your enjoyment - a 16x9 wallpaper of the moon

  Santa Monica Pier Ferris Wheel

  Red Rock Canyon

  Look Up

Completely Unexplainable

  Trona Pinnacles

  The Thinker

Solar Flare

  Desert Life

   Surface of Mars

   Easter Island Figures

   Life on Mars?

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