Saturday, February 20, 2010

Let There Be Light!

I drive in a rainbow.

LED locations:
Front/Rear footwells (4-piece color changing light kit from LedGlow)
Scion Stereo (10 color LCD)
Cupholders (rainbow LEDs)
Gear Shift Indicator Panel (rainbow LED)
"the Oven" (rainbow LEDs)
Sunglasses holder (behind cupholders) (rainbow LEDs)

Music: Giant by the Chemical Brothers

Thursday, February 18, 2010


At the Academy of Sciences

Golden Gate Park Ducks

Afternoon in the park

(A preview of my car's interior)

My apologies

It's been nearly a month since I updated this blog and I'm sorry for that.
I have new photos that I'll post up tonight, but I'll catch up a little before I go to class this morning.

My calculus class started again - this semester I have 6 new students, all of whom appear to be good kids and highly intelligent.  I'm actually pretty excited for this group because I have a much better understanding of how the class needs to be structured and flow through the semester.  That being said, I still gave a quiz on the first day of class - it didn't go so well.  Mostly the purpose of the quiz was to show the students I mean business and that they're going to be working, hard, for their grades.  I intend to keep them up to date with their homework this year by quizzing them on each due date - last semester I couldn't get all 4 of my students to hand in homework on the same day, this time I won't let that happen.

Beyond that I've been installing some new lights in my car - most of the lower half of the dashboard lights up and changes colors - I'll attempt to get a nice HD video up to show off the effect, it's actually pretty stunning (and not quite done yet!).

I've been busy, but it's been a nice busy - the best part of the last month was Valentine's day with Bunny; we had a really nice time going to the planetarium at the Academy of Sciences and eating at the restaurant Chaya Brasserie.

Also, please notice that I've made my twitter posts front-and-center of this blog - those are updated far more frequently now and I do link to photos, etc on those posts.

Off to geography class!