Saturday, March 13, 2010

The fruits of my labor

I finally got my car all finished and put back together.  As you can see the amount of work that went into this project wasn't trivial.  Yesterday morning I woke up bright and early, headed to Home Depot, and got the pieces I needed to build a make-shift paint booth out of the garage.  From that point forward it was nearly non-stop painting until around 6 pm.  While I had the panels off I took the time to replace my tweeters with the rectangular ribbon tweeters now seen in the photos.  They fill out my stereo nicely and make the iPod connection sound a lot nicer actually - so I'm really happy with them too.  Overall the paint came out great I think - obviously I'm not a pro so there are little slivers of silver where the masking wasn't quite perfect, but honestly, if you're not looking for flaws and just enjoy the interior, it looks awesome and I'm really happy with it.

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