Friday, March 12, 2010

Getting ready for painting

In the morning I’ll begin painting my car’s interior with the Anthracite spray paint I bought last weekend. The project is really becoming huge the more I get into it, but I’m getting more and more excited to actually start the painting process. So far I’ve pulled all 4 door panels off and masked off the trim pieces I’ll be painting. I’ve got two of the panels wrapped in newspaper, and will go about wrapping the other two panels in the morning (I ran out of tape/newspaper). As soon as I can get up I’ll run to Home Depot to get a respirator and the tape, etc., that I need, and then it’s full speed ahead with the painting process. Some irony: the newspaper that I used to cover up the general areas on the door panel was the Scion magazine they give away at the dealership. As soon as the project is finished, expect a HUGE post detailing the process with a TON of images; I’m trying to document the whole thing so that other xA owners might glimpse the project in its entirety.

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