Saturday, March 6, 2010

A Great Day in the Bay

The day started with a quick trip to Blick with Teenie and her friends; they needed art supplies and I had a car. But the venture was equally fortuitous because I found something I didn't even know existed - Anthracite colored spray paint! Anthracite is the carbon-coating on my car wheels - and soon to be the color of my interior trim pieces - I bought 3 cans.

After shopping, Bunny and I spent the day wandering around the city and the park. We went to Stow Lake and found ourselves hiking up the little mountain in the middle of the lake. When we got to the top we found the little overlook for the waterfall

From this spot we noticed the fluttering of two tiny hummingbirds playing by the rocks in the stream! Happily I managed to snap a pictures of them;

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  1. The hummingbird is Anna's Hummingbird