Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The New and Improved Johnny

Now with 4 less teeth!

Had my wisdom teeth out literally 30 mins ago...I didn't want to be put out so right now my lip is super numb and I can't really feel my jaw, but the pain isn't absolutely horrible, really just a lot of pressure.
Everything went well as far as I can tell, the top two teeth came out without any problems whatsoever, and the lower two had to be cut in half before she could pull them out.  The reason being that apparently wisdom teeth have little fish hooks on the bottom of them to keep them in place - crazy.  Also crazy - apparently tetracycline gives you black bands around your teeth which is why they don't give it to kids anymore.  I have a couple of stitches on each of the lower teeth and that's it.  I feel mostly fine and am in good spirits at any rate.

Also, got my Pogo Sketch Stylus for my iPad, so I have something to occupy myself with while I recover.

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