Friday, May 7, 2010

Jailbreaking Part 2

Just a little update (maybe a photo later).
I re-jailbroke my iPad a few days ago for one primary reason; The iPad doesn't have a built in clock app, which means it doens't have an alarm function.  I agree this is an odd oversight considering that probably most digital cameras have alarm clocks nowadays, but whatever, Apple's reasoning is irrelevant.

I could BUY a clock app, but the problem there is that it wouldn't have a persistent alarm, meaning one that would chime if the app was, for whatever reason, exited during the night.  Also, the fact that I like to play my Bloom app at night means that I couldn't have a clock and my ambient sound at the same time. 

The solution came from jailbreaking.  Using some relatively simple methods, I installed the iPhone's clock app onto my iPad.  Even though it doesn't run at the standard iPad resolution, it works just fine and I now have an alarm clock for my iPad.

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