Thursday, July 29, 2010

Who needs MORE magic?

This week, Apple released its Magic Trackpad accessory for desktop computers (and I suppose notebooks too if one is so inclined). While I can appreciate its appeal to heavy notebook users, I still think it's a rather odd device. However, one of my favorite apps for my iPad already provides the exact same functionality (minus a few of the gestures) as the Magic Trackpad.

My iPad has an app called iTeleport installed on it through which I am able to fully control my Mac Mini desktop via any internet connection anywhere. The image above shows what happens when I put it into "trackpad" mode, and the entire iPad's screen literally becomes a Magic Trackpad. I use this on occasion and have to admit that the result is great. Moving my finger around and scrolling by dragging two fingers around works flawlessly. The app has come in handy on numerous occasions, such as when I was on vacation recently and accessed photos from my computer not stored on my iPad remotely. I'll remind you that I was 3,000 miles away when I did this (my Mac Mini doesn't get turned off anymore because of this app).

What makes my iPad so much greater is that it doesn't have to be a trackpad 24/7, I can use it for so many different things. The iTeleport app is actually far more advanced than these two uses. At its fullest capacity, it can be keyboard, mouse, and display for my computer all at once.

So while I think the Magic Trackpad is pretty cool, I have a MORE magical Apple's own admission (Apple referred to the iPad as a new "magical" device when it was announced earlier this year; the tech press had a lot of fun making fun of that statement).

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