Sunday, August 8, 2010

The biggest and smallest

Bunny and I headed to Hart Park one afternoon since I've only been there a time or two and we were looking for local things to do. I remembered the California Bison and thought it'd be a lot of fun to see them since we had a great time finding the Buffalo in Golden Gate Park (not that they're difficult to find, but we were walking). Bison are really interesting animals - the largest in North America (bigger than Grizzly bears) and distinct from Buffalo. Afterward, we headed to the park and circled around behind to the senior center where there's actually a better view of the Bison than from the park itself. The one in the picture was moseying down toward us (still up on his hill) and posing for pictures while eating the plants. After we observed the Bison, we went up to the historic house at the top of the park. While wandering around the grounds (closed on the day we were there), Bunny spotted this squirrel climbing the cactus and nibbling the fruit.

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