Monday, September 6, 2010

2 Years!

The very first posts on this blog were made on September 3, 2008.

Since then I've posted hundreds of photos, chronicled my adventures both large and small, and mused about all manner of topics.

So many things change in two years:
Two years ago I was starting my last semester in college; this year I'm starting my second year of teaching.
Two years ago I was shooting 90% of my photos with a cell phone; this year I've taken my Lumix with me across the country.
Two years ago I thought I'd be working at USF's IT department by now; this year I'm starting a Masters of Education program.

I'm surprised and fascinated by the changes that I've been able to witness and chronicle on this blog.  One thing's for sure,  I write a more detailed post because 90% of the blog is composed on my Mac instead of my phone (of course, using an iPhone or my iPad to write is still easier than my old cell phone).

Thousands of people have visited this blog over the last 2 years and while the number is low for most websites, I'm glad to have made some sort of contribution.  The most popular posts have been:

The post about the 1932 Duesenberg
How to remember the Greek Alphabet

I'm sure Eman will say the Greek one is popular because it's Greek; but I know that the Duesenberg post is popular among the enthusiasts and that the photo has been linked to in various forums about the car.  Other popular posts recently have been my iPad and iPhone review & non-review, respectively.

There are so many things I could could say about what the last two years writing this blog have meant to me, but mostly I'm so happy to have it all written down.  To look back and have a record of what was on my mind, my stream of consciousness as I scrambled to take a picture at 11:50 at night or cheated and rolled the time back a few minutes when I missed my self-imposed deadline of midnight; or even transitioning from a daily to a several-times-a-month format so that I could collect some genuinely interesting photos (of which I still haven't posted everything I'd like to). has been a wonderful journey and I see no particular end in sight.

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