Saturday, October 9, 2010

iPad Case Comparisons

When I bought my iPad in April, I loved how it felt in my hands.  The aluminum and metal was a beautiful respite from the plasticky iPhone 3G I was using at the time.  Fast forward a few days after that, and I started to become terrified that I might mess up that wonderful aluminum shell.  So I bought Apple's ridiculously overpriced case (top left).

After putting my iPad inside that case, what I discovered was that, while well protected, my iPad now felt cheap and the edges of the case bothered my hands.  Read on to see my other solutions.

After using the Apple case for a while (it is really functional, it has a nice ability to fold over and hold the iPad at a nice typing angle), I decided to forgo a case and just get a slipcover (top right).  The init slipcover pictured is a really nice cover for my iPad when I need to take it with me.  It holds the iPad snugly in place and is great when I have it stashed in my Timbuk2 bag.  But, I also feel like that isn't enough.  Enter my two new cases.  The shell on the right is made of a semi-rigid polycarbonate that is very hard to get on the iPad, and once it's on, it feels super tight. 

The problem I have with it is actually just the round cutout on the back.  The shell is just a frosted clear color, and in no way does it obscure the black glass Apple logo on the back of my iPad.  If That cutout weren't a part of the case, I actually think it would be the one that goes on my iPad every day from now on.  (For the record, both shell cases came together in a box, so I didn't specifically choose a case that I didn't like).

So the case that my iPad will reside in permanently (until something better comes around) is the one on the bottom left, a hard plastic iPad shell case.  I really like this case.  No, it doesn't fit the iPad like a glove compared to the polycarbonate shell.  But it covers the aluminum and adds a bit of grip to the device.  What you will notice about the case is that it is has a specific texture on it.  The case that I bought was painted silver, but last night I covered it with the same 3M di-noc carbon fiber vinyl film that I used to accent my car this summer (the Apple logo is a sticker).  Now I am very happy with this case because it gives some more grip compared to the smooth aluminum, a visual distinction that's different form many other iPads out there, and I can remove it at will.  There are "skins" that are basically just pre-cut sheets of the di-noc film I used, but I'd prefer it on a case that I can change out.

A few more pictures below:

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