Tuesday, October 26, 2010

New at your Apple Store

I was investigating some new hardware and software at the nearest Apple store the other day, and took some pictures of their newest products.
First up is the new Apple TV.  The remote sitting next to it is about 4 inches long, so you really get a sense of how tiny this thing is.  Basically it's the perfect device for someone who's fully tuned-in to the iTunes lifestyle.  If you have movies, music, and photos on your computer, or want an easy way to rent movies and tv shows from the iTunes store (as well as Netflix and Youtube integration), then this thing would be perfect for your living room at $99.

I'm not trying to sell it, but I definitely see it's appeal.  Also, the iPad and iPhone act as remote controls for it.  Too cool.

Next is the new iPod Nano.  A little bigger than your average watch face, the iPod Nano now uses a touch based interface and a very iPhone-like navigation system.  One thing that's really nice about the Nano line of iPods is that they have metal bodies and feel extremely sturdy when you hold them.  The clip on the back is really secure feeling, and it's always nice that it comes in multiple colors.

Given that the Nano tends to be used for excercise, I don't know if I think a touchscreen is the best way to go for this player, but I can't deny that fiddling with it for a few minutes wasn't fun.  I have no need for a dedicated player at this point, but I can see the iPod Nano being a great first mp3 player for someone who just wants to listen to their music easily and not take up a huge amount of space in their bag or pocket.

Finally we have the new 11.6" MacBook Air.  The Air is Apple's tiniest laptop.  As you can see, my hand looks pretty big next to it, but the keyboard is full sized and the overall machine is gorgeous.  For anyone doing web-browsing and basic multimedia playback (not creation) and document editing, the MacBook Air would be a great machine that can fit in just about any bag and go just about anywhere.  At $999 it's pretty expensive, but you get a full-featured notebook computer vs. the iOS experience you get from the $500 iPad.

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