Sunday, October 3, 2010

SuperBad Bag

Two weeks ago I ordered a new backpack when I realized that my go-to-gear-bag, my Chrome Mini Metro messenger bag was just a bit too mini for my needs.  That bag is still a phenomenal object of holding, but I needed something a bit bigger.

Enter the Timbuk2 SuperBad.
I love this bag.  First off; the color is great.  Subtle in it's two-tone gray, but with a vibrant blue logo and "Timbuk2" stitched near the bottom.  The aesthetics are great for an urban environment or anyone on the go.  When you see me getting out of my car and grabbing this bag, it just looks right.  It also has an ample number of pockets; one in the front, two on the sides, the top-loading main compartment, and the laptop sleeve in the back.

 Next, the space is amazing.  It doesn't look particularly large, but the bag is enormous.
Here you can see that it easily fits my two binders, a 1" and a 2" as well as packets of homework and my test folder.  Sticking out the back you see one of its best features; the laptop compartment.  While I don't own a notebook anymore, my iPad has been coming with me everywhere, and having two ways to get to it has been great.  While the laptop sleeve can be accessed through the top of the bag, there is a second zipper on the left side of the bag that gives quick access to that compartment, so I wouldn't have to take the whole bag off to just get my iPad out.

I've been loving it so far and would consider another Timbuk2 bag in the future, not that I expect this to ever wear out.  It's heavy duty and super comfortable.  It easily earns its moniker as SuperBad.

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