Sunday, November 21, 2010

So I got this new computer over the weekend

I have this project that I'm starting to work on and realized how much I would benefit from having a second dedicated computer in my room to work on side by side.  Well, it's me, so I didn't just go buy a windows computer (even though that's what I needed).  Instead I got this:

 Yes, I bought a 13" MacBook Pro.  It really is going to be used for a specific purpose (the very first thing I'm doing with it is installing Windows 7).  But, after it's served its purpose I'll get used to using a notebook again - I've been using a desktop for so long with my iPad as a supplement it'll be an interesting journey to go back and forth between two powerful machines (and my iPad will still be used a lot).

One more pic of it next to my monster monitor:

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