Monday, November 8, 2010

What is Geocaching?

Edit: Nov 9, 2010 - the app I used for Geocaching can be found here iTunes App Store

Over the weekend, Eman and I tried something called Geocaching.  Basically the idea is that it's treasure hunting in real life.  People have been hiding "caches" for years, they're usually some small container with a pencil and slip of paper inside.  The caches are hidden in both dense urban areas or in the middle of nowhere wilderness.  The goal of geocaching is to go exploring in areas where you already live, work, play, etc., and discover something new.  Once you find a cache, you write your name and when you found it (and fill in appropriate internet logs if you're really interested) and put it back for someone else to find.

So we headed down to South Pasadena and looked up a few caches.  The first one we tried to find ended up in nothing, and we're pretty sure the cache wasn't even there anymore (it was also really close to some houses, basically in someone's driveway) so we went off for a different one.

We wandered around this area and read the hint "you're hot, you're hot, you're hot...oops now you're cold!" and this is what we saw:
It was hiding behind the air conditioner!
 Inside the painted Altoids tin was the paper & pencil (but we used my Sharpie Liquid Pencil)
After we found this cache and replaced it, we went to find another one, but that too, sadly, was lost.  It was supposed to be inside this statue
Pretty great sculpture, and we wouldn't have found it or ever even known it existed if not for this game.

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