Sunday, February 20, 2011

On the Fifth Floor

On my last trip to San Francisco, Bunny and I once again visited The Fifth Floor - a fantastic restaurant at the Hotel Palomar on 4th street. We've visited twice before, but to recap, the restaurant is on the fifth floor of the hotel, and features a New American menu filled with various game meats and organic produce. The new chef & decor highlight a sleek modern feel while retaining a good amount of charm and warmth to patrons. Our meal was excellent as always (although the waiter had a flair for the dramatic and was a little more enthusiastic about the meal than he should have been).
Without further ado, our meal:

The Fifth Floor recently redecorated as they welcomed their new head chef, David Bazigran.
More Pictures after the break

Island Creek Oysters Five Ways
béarnaise and caviar, fried with rouille, cucumber granite, chowder, mignonette

Brillat-Savarin Ravioloi
roasted hedgehog mushrooms, sage, brown butter, walnut pesto, winter greens

Our first course spread

Slow Cooked Squab
black trumpets, house cured pancetta, globe carrots, confit leg, salmis sauce

fushuku kumquats, sunchokes, celery root, rutabaga, dandelion greens, ginger, duck-port jus

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