Saturday, March 5, 2011

Welcoming March

It's been a little while so I guess it's time for some pictures and updates about what I've been upto.
First; my trip in February led to the newest print for my collection (although technically the print is on loan from Bunny since I bought it for her). It's a fantastic piece of San Francisco imagery printed by Gigart.

Next up is my latest gadget; the Apple TV. Most everyone is talking about the iPad 2 announcement from last week, but I already have an iPad and can't really see a reason to get a second tablet. But the Apple TV gives me an opportunity to stream all of my content - whether it be on my iPhone, iPad, Mac Mini, MacBook Pro, etc., etc., etc.,  to the family room TV. In addition, we can watch Netflix and Youtube videos quickly and easily.

I've been busy with work and teaching; all in all the semester has been going very well and my spirits are high. A bit of good news as well - I was invited back to teach in the Foreword program at USF in the fall again.
Not too much else to tell right now actually, but hopefully some very exciting things will be coming up soon.

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