Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A day at Pt. Reyes with Bunny *UPDATED*

Bunny had a great idea to spend the day on Saturday up in Pt. Reyes, CA. We headed up first to visit the Miwok Indian village Kule Loklo
 While the sweatlodge was closed for us, we were able to peek in and see the beautiful embers and smoke as it wafted through the room.
 We headed around the rest of the village to look at the Kotcas (houses) and Bunny took some photos of me wandering around.
I took some photos of Bunny while we explored too
Protecting her retinas
There were some great lizards climbing around the different buildings, they posed beautifully for me.
 Inside the Family Sweatlodge, there was no fire, but there was a beautiful soft light streaming through the chimney.
 This little lizard was my favorite, so calm and pretty.
 More exploring
 The village as a whole
 And the surrounding hills
 The forest around Kule Loklo
 After the village I wanted to head up the coast to see the lighthouse. I have never seen a coastline anywhere I've been before. It was absolutely breathtaking. Miles and miles of unspoiled beaches as far as we could see.
 The point was high up on the cliffs, surrounded on 3 sides by the ocean.
The lighthouse was a 30-story stairway down the rocks - it was cold and windy so we opted not to make the hike. Thankfully, my camera has a GREAT zoom lens.
 We headed back to Olema after all of our adventuring to warm up a bit. Locally sourced clam chowder and this massive oyster po-boy. A delicious end to the the afternoon (well, it still took a few hours on the CA-1 to get back to San Francisco).

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