Saturday, July 16, 2011

TWiT Cottage

Bunny and I headed up to Petaluma today to go to the Vintage Bank Antiques store (and a bunch of other little antiques stores too), but while we were in the area, I wanted to stop by Leo Laporte's TWiT cottage (This Week in Tech) - just for a look around. I've listened to TWiT and MacBreak weekly for a long time, and used to watch Leo back on The Screen Savers when Tech TV was still on. Next week TWiT moves to its new location down the street, and as we walked in we were suddenly signed up to watch a recording of a show called The Weekly GizWiz. So we took our seats and sat in while Leo and Dick DeBartolo talked about gadgets for the next hour. At the end of the show, Leo posed for pictures and put a TWiT fez on my head - he also gave us some stickers and lanyards as a thank you.

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