Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Living Room

 Dining area with our new shelf unit for showing off my tea pots and keeping glasses & dishes within quick reach.
 A 22" long glass cylinder votive holder (aren't those little candles great?) with the ambient lighting system Teenie bought (changes color and remote controlled)
 Entertainment center with 5.1 sound, Apple TV, HD-DVD (antique!) and my amazing TV. The Enterprise looks on with approval.
 The Mid Century Collection - a Mies VanDer Rohe Barcelona Chair (ca. 1929), Charles & Ray Eames LCW in walnut (ca. 1940), and two two-tiered tables finished in walnut (ca. 1960s). The tables are vintage, the chairs reproductions.
 Our bright red sofa/chaise lounge paired with our two 1950s side tables. A Nikki McClure print (Invest) on the wall in the hallway.
A view of the entire living room with my 30" panorama of the Los Angeles skyline hanging over my desk.

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