Sunday, October 23, 2011

It started as a photoshop OR My new blue wall

I have a bright red couch. It's really really bright.
Lately, I've been wanting to put more color into the room, I love how much the couch stands out, but sometimes it feels disconnected from the rest of the room. The desire led to me creating this photoshopped photo of my "not-a-fireplace" wall (landlord boarded up the old fireplace)
What I had was this:
And what I came up with was this:
I really like this dark teal color, but didn't want to deal with painting or anything like that. I did have the brilliant idea of using some sort of fabric and stretching it along the wall.
Bunny and I headed over to the fabric store and found a great piece of teal denim that would be sturdy enough to make the wall look solid and still have the nice color I wanted in the room.
So we cut and I started to hang:
and soon enough:
I had my blue wall!

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