Friday, March 30, 2012

A .gif for you

This was supposed to be a really cool animated picture showing the progression of hanging the mirrors, but blogger doesn't like the file. So here they are in succession. I bought these about a month ago at IKEA, and just got around to hanging them using command strips and little foam pads to buffer the bottom edges against the wall. In all it took me about 20 minutes.


Thursday, March 29, 2012

Playing with Flixel

Flixel lets you turn a static image into an animated picture. Testing it out on Lone Mountain

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Giraffe Giraffe Giraffe Giraffe

A few weeks ago I was cruising Craigslist like I do all the time and happened upon a Jonathan Adler horse "sculpture" that was actually a lamp base. It was selling for something like 80% off the retail cost of the lamp (and basically what I believe the ceramic pony would actually be worth), so I was super tempted to snatch it up. But after thinking about it for an afternoon, I realized that 1) I'd have to rebuild the lamp to make it something I'd want to keep, and 2) I just wasn't all that into the horse. So I let it go.

I'd been in the Jonathan Adler store on Fillmore a few times before, and I always thought he has a good sense of whimsy and nostalgia wrapped up in really funky kitschy style, but most everything is extremely overpriced in my opinion. But after seeing the horse I really started to be interested in the ceramic menagerie line of animals selling in the store. And then I spotted the thing I really, really, really wanted; the Giraffe Lamp. Another vastly overpriced item, this thing is spectacular in all the right ways.
Anyway, I didn't buy the horse because I decided karma works better by letting someone else get the thing they really want. Lo and behold, someone put up the giraffe lamp on Craigslist, and I managed to be the first to respond to their ad. Bunny and I headed up north of San Francisco to pick it up, and ohmygosh it's so great!

It lives happily only my side table for now, carefully watching over the street and living room. Next up is some elephant salt & pepper shakers and the little black fox!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

New Blinds

Ordered 3 sets of shades and had time to put them up during my lunch break today. A huge improvement over the single roller blind that used to be in the center window.

Monday, March 12, 2012

From Concept to Reality

It would be really great to say that these pictures have all of the recent changes to the apartment, but they really don't... because my life is a constant work in process.

So first up is the overall changes after my Sketch Up adventures. We'll start with the final render before I started moving everything around.
So here's the overall outcome of this endeavor
It all turned out nearly exactly the same as the render, which is thrilling. There have been a few other little updates since then; The addition of a sheepskin rug under the Eames LCW, a neat little vase with wooden flowers for the table (I wish the roses Bunny gave me for Valentine's day had lasted, aren't they beautiful?). And a great big iPod Hifi speaker for my desk.

Also, for what it's worth; if anyone noticed a slight increase in general picture quality - I had my iPhone's back panel replaced which meant that the camera lens was replaced as well. I know I have a fantastic camera, but my iPhone really is my day-to-day point and shoot camera. So things should be looking good.