Saturday, December 13, 2014

Sibling Lunch (Gift Exchange)

Testing the Olympus 25mm f1.8 from Marie and Nick and working on taking portraits

Having good looking food on the table helps too.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Johnny and Bunny's Vacation in the Redwoods (part 8)

Bunny brought along Peppermint the reindeer to visit too!

 Improved edits of the long exposures I took our first night.

 Playing with the lightsaber in pitch darkness
 We spotted a lovely sea lion off a pier in Trinidad after dinner one evening

Johnny and Bunny's Vacation in the Redwoods (part 7)

A few weeks ago, I got my lightsaber replica after many weeks of waiting. Since Return of the Jedi was actually filmed partially in the redwood forests of northern California (henceforth known as Endor), I thought it would be really fun to bring it along on the trip.
Bunny embracing nature
 More shots from Ladybird Johnson Grove (photo credits to Bunny)

Johnny and Bunny's Vacation in the Redwoods (part 6)

There are several herds of Roosevelt Elk in Trinidad, and we found two of them.

One of the larger of the herds stays near the Elk County RV Park

This was the buck of the herd - he wasn't acting aggressively, but wanted us to know he saw us taking all of these photos

A smaller herd stays near the Elk Meadow cabins, where you can wake up in the midst of the herd. There were at least 3 young bucks lounging around at this spot.
An older buck stayed close by

Johnny and Bunny's Vacation in the Redwoods (part 5)

At our stop in Ferndale, we said hello to the dairy cows

Our second cabin at the Bishop Pine Lodges in Trinidad, CA

We hiked up near the beach to get a great view of the sunset over the ocean