Friday, October 10, 2014

Return to the Redwoods

Last May, Bunny and I took a trip up to visit the Redwoods of Northern California. I never posted any of the pictures here (for no specific reason, it just never got done). At any rate, we're taking another vacation next week, and I thought I'd finally share some photos from last year's adventure.
 Bunny, go stand over there
Johnny, go stand over there
 Johnny and Bunny go stand over there

Friday, October 3, 2014

Long Exposures of the Golden Gate Bridge from Land's End

Panasonic GX1, F9, 61mm (45-200mm), ISO 160, 8"
Panasonic GX1, F8, 51mm (45-200mm), ISO 160, 30"
Panasonic GX1, F8, 51mm (45-200mm), ISO 160, 30"