Saturday, November 22, 2014

Johnny and Bunny's Vacation in the Redwoods (part 1)

First Stop was at the Grandfather Tree, the 1800 year old redwood in Piercy, CA
This is how I get a photo of a 245 foot tall tree...
We cozied up to Grandfather a little bit
 And then spent some time with the wood carvings
We stumbled upon a few wild turkeys just outside of our destination, Miranda, CA.
The kitchen in our cabin (3 nights in Miranda)
 Me, exhausted after many hours of driving.
 Shadow, one of several resident cats at the Miranda Gardens Resort
 Wandering down by the river - the water level was really low, indicative of the never-ending drought in California.
 Another shot of the wild turkeys - this one came at the very end of our trip, but was one of the best views we had. 

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